30 oktober | 14:45 - 15:15
Theater 06 Cloud Computing

Hacking Exposed: The speed of modern day Hacking Tactics & Techniques

In today’s world, staying ahead of the adversary is an ongoing battle and one in which we need to move fast. In a world when it can take an attacker less than 20 minutes to infiltrate your system, we are truly playing a cat and mouse game…except the mouse is rocket powered. Join us in this session as we discuss:

- What breakout time is and what it means for defenders that are responding to attacks in real time
- How the incident response process unfolds and the barriers that keep organisations from mounting a rapid and efficient response
- The key steps you can take to improve your organisation’s ability to rapidly detect, investigate and remediate threats
Artificial & Data Intelligence
Cyber Security
Cloud Computing
Ronald Pool
Ronald is a frequent speaker at events, giving insights into the movements of attackers or a broader threat landscape.With over a decade of experience in Cyber Security, Ronald has advised customers on their Cyber Security challenges for several vendors as a trusted security advisor.He advises enterprises on a daily basis on their protection and detection strategies, forensics & security operations.In his role, he encounters the acts of organised hackers at a regular basis, adding to his ever growing cyber security context, which he shares with his audiences.
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