31 oktober | 11:00 - 11:45
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AI From Idea to Solution: the key ingredients to successfully applying AI

No doubt we live in a time in which AI is considered the new electricity. Everybody talks about it, but
how do you go from an idea to a solution creating real business value? We will go through the key
ingredients to successfully apply AI: choosing the right case, assessing feasibility, understanding the
role humans will play, dealing with data, setting up the organization for experimentation and having
the right infrastructure.
Artificial & Data Intelligence
Jasper Wognum
Jasper Wognum
Since Jasper studied artificial intelligence at the University of Amsterdam in the mid-90's he has led a number of successful technology startups including Hyves, Fashiolista and Looklive. In 2016, the time was ripe for artificial intelligences broader deployment and Jasper founded BrainCreators together with two of his former university classmates. BrainCreators is a leading Dutch AI company, empowering enterprises with AI driven solutions. Outside of BrainCreators Jasper is an active startup coach, ambassador for City.AI and angel investor.