wo 31 oktober | 14:00 - 14:30
Theater 09 Cyber Security

Red Team vs. Blue Team Hands-on Scenarios

* Do you understand the benefits of Red / Blue teaming?
* Can you really Defend?
* Can you really Attack?
* Are you ready to join?

Come listen to our presentation on how Red vs Blue teaming can help improve your security skills and mindset. Be an expert and join our hands-on scenarios in class.
Cloud Computing
Cyber Security
Duane Anderson
Duane Anderson
ICT & Security Trainingen, TSTC
Duane has had considerable experience in the IT industry for the last two and a half decades; his special focus is undertaking training and consultation to match business, training and public needs for related IT environments. While in college he developed and sold proprietary software applications and provided consulting for large agribusiness enterprises.
He then made the transition to the IT security, virtualization, and cloud technology fields as a full-time administrator, consultant and instructor. His ability to absorb and understand the general operation of organizations has enabled him to gather his experience into a focused approach, bringing unique and valuable solutions to clients' needs.