do 1 november | 11:00 - 11:45
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Challenges and approaches in critical infrastructure security

Critical infrastructures such as the electricity grid are increasingly getting digitized and connected. The resulting security needs are not only a new challenge for operators and their suppliers which have already faced professional attacks, but also puts security providers to their limits, where in some cases using a classical IT approach has done more harm than good. We will outline the differences and new challenges in critical infrastructure security, and outline a strategy for a security roadmap. Finally, we will discuss the impact of the latest security trends in the control systems domain.
Cyber Security
Data Center & Infrastructure Optimisation
Klaus Kursawe
Dr Klaus Kursawe
Owner Gridsec
Dr Klaus Kursawe has been working on the intersection security research and practice for the last twenty years, including his PhD work at IBM Research on distributed ledgers in 2001, IoT security at Philips Natlap in 2006, and security of critical infrastructures since 2012. He is cofounder of the ENCS, where he worked as the chief scientist and principal consultant until 2016, when he started He was member of several EU and US expert groups, performed security trainings, and was involved in risk analysis, procurement requirements and protocol/architecture design and analysis. He also advises for several security related startups.