wo 1 november | 12:00 - 12:45
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Roads to Derailment: Integrating psychology & technology in insider threat management

"Roads to Derailment": Integrating psychology & technology in insider threat management": What happens when individuals conduct malicious acts inside organizations? What processes do they go through and what interventions can be taken from a human perspective? We will take a look into the mind of an 'insider' and provide insights into comprehensive programmes to address insider threats in your organization. Cyber is a convergence of people, technology and processes and all these three areas must be addressed as a system. Too often technological solutions are offered without the human context and interventions.
Cyber security
Privacy, Governance & Risk Management
Elsine van Os, Founder & CEO, Signpost Six
Elsine van Os is the founder of Signpost Six. Elsine was educated as a clinical psychologist and has a strong background in military and commercial intelligence. She also has experience in security management and security-based human resource management on medium to high corporate levels. Elsine has worked for 50+ countries (e.g., Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and Colombia) in 10+ years. In her career Elsine noticed that too often technological intelligence interventions are given attention at the expense of behavioural intelligence interventions. With Signpost Six she hopes to fill this void.