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Data Protection in multi-cloud environments

Data Protection in multi-cloud environments

Crossing the cloud boundaries proofs the need of Data Protection in multi-cloud environments. In this session Jan will explain fundamental principles, the current dangers, possible impact for organizations and what solutions are available today.
• Data Protection is more crucial now a days with mobile workforce in the field and cloud everywhere. And so are apps used on mobile phones revealing data and locations without users knowing who can and will use this data and for what purpose.
• Cloud data centers based in parts of the world, how do you control and secure you data? Encrypting data and managing and storing encryption keys, integrating with compliance regulations and 3rd party vendors.
• Only 52% of organizations control their encryption keys when data is encrypted in the cloud.
• For security professionals, implementing and modernizing their Security systems will be crucial, keeping in mind not all implementations are created equal. Some are inherently more complex, depending on the level and layers of security needed for within your organization.
This session will cover the elements you need to consider when designing Data Protection in a multi-cloud environment and you will learn how you can maximize your organization’s security and the things you need to know to get started.

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Door: Gemalto
Publicatie datum: 04-11-2018
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