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Top 5 PAM Security Reports CISOs Live For Now

Top 5 PAM Security Reports CISOs Live For Now
Securing privileged account passwords has become a top priority for IT security professionals and system admins who want to reduce the risk of hackers getting their hands on the “keys to your IT kingdom.”  
This Free Guide shows you how Thycotic Secret Server can secure your privileged accounts at a fraction of the cost of alternative approaches—and immediately generate reports to demonstrate results and satisfy compliance requirements. 
These are privileged account security reports every CISO lives for: 
>What computers in Active Directory no longer exist? 
>Which Privileged Accounts are no longer valid?
>Who hasn’t logged in within the last 90 days?
>What is the status of our Privileged Account password policy compliance?
>What Privileged Account passwords are expiring this week?
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Door: Thycotic
Publicatie datum: 01-01-2018
Bestandstype: pdf
Document: Whitepaper
Taal: EN
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