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The Key Threats and Risks That Third-Parties Create to Websites

The Key Threats and Risks That Third-Parties Create to Websites

Third-party apps on websites present potential threats and risks that may affect the security and privacy posture of your website. For your customers, your website is the front end of your organization.

It is the untold ‘supply chain’ challenge on websites: threats caused by third parties make you vulnerable for supply chain attacks. They cause privacy risks, dominate your brand with external code, and you virtually have no control, unless you use our cloud service. It offers on-going scans of your domains without any setup, installation or integration: simple, automatic and remote.  We help security and privacy teams identify threats, vulnerabilities, risks, and GDPR/CCPA privacy breaches caused by third party scripts that are installed on their websites.

Find out more by downloading and reading this whitepaper and how you also could be exposed.

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Publicatie datum: 22-10-2019
Bestandstype: pdf
Document: Whitepaper
Taal: EN
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