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Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense EFD 360

Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense EFD 360
Proofpoint EFD360 protects your employees, customers and business partners from all forms of email fraud.It provides the visibility and controls you need to stop impostor email attacks before they reach the inbox. 
Email fraud remains highly successful for two main reasons:
• Attackers have many options when choosing people to target relative to any given organisation
• Attackers have several fraud tactics they can use to avoid being blocked including display name spoofing, domain spoofing, and lookalike domain spoofing. 
In other words, email fraud is a 360-degree problem. It spans multiple fraud tactics that can be used to target many stakeholders.
EFD360 gives you the visibility and controls you need to protect your employees,customers and partners from the whole spectrum of fraud tactics.
THE 360-DEGREE EMAIL FRAUD SOLUTION EFD360 protects all stakeholders against all forms of email fraud. With EFD360, you get full visibility across all targets—employees, customers and partners—from a single pane of glass. That means you can block more threats without blocking legitimate email. EFD360 also provides the controls you need to stop each fraud tactic—including display name, domain, and look-alike domain spoofing attacks. 
Key benefits:
• Protect your employees, customers, and business partners against all email fraud tactics
• Gain full visibility and control for all impostor threats from a single portal
• Block more threats by quickly and accurately identifying all legitimate email
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Publicatie datum: 10-09-2019
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