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Emphasis on Data: Building the Data Center of the Future

Emphasis on Data: Building the Data Center of the Future
ACROSS EVERY INDUSTRY, leading-edge work- loads are becoming critical to improving customer experiences and driving differentiation. Today’s data-centric workloads, driven by emerging and maturing technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and new cloud native applications, are accelerating innovation, driving new revenue streams, and delivering better business outcomes by reengineering business processes. This dynamic environment requires infrastructure that delivers superior performance and agility while protecting, managing, and orchestrating data.  
 The growth in data continues to accelerate. In late 2018, IDC predicted that worldwide data will grow 61% to 175 zettabytes by 2025, upping its previous prediction for 2025 by 9%.1 Organizations across industries are eagerly seeking to use data to transform the way they do business, find new ways to satisfy customers, develop new revenue streams from digital services, and become more productive, efficient, and innovative. It’s estimated that “40% of all technology spending will go toward digital transformations, with enterprises spending in excess of $2 trillion through 2019.”2 
Organizations are investing heavily to analyze data and operationalize their findings. “With the pace of technology evolution, companies can now cost-effectively collect massive amounts of data on their products, processes, and customers, and the Internet of Things is making this data readily avail- able for analysis purposes,” writes IDC analyst Eric Burgener.3 “Businesses are actively pursuing big data and analytics as a way to better understand customer and market requirements, deliver improved service to their clients, and inform better business planning.”

But enterprise data that was traditionally centralized in data centers has increasingly become distributed and virtualized, spanning on-premises and cloud- based data centers, edge servers, and compute assets located in different business unit and depart- mental locations. Harnessing, managing and making that data accessible is a challenge. Data growth is surpassing the ability of many companies to capture and store it, let alone consume it.

Data can come alive to deliver game-changing insights. But creating an environment to foster that dynamic requires a deep understanding of how business is being transformed by data, how the application landscape is changing, and, in turn, how data-center infrastruc- tures must change to meet the challenge. That requires IT to build a data structure based on a full understanding of what data the business has, how it can be lever- aged, and which applications will enable success.

This playbook examines the challenges of this new data-centric era, how IT infrastructure needs to adapt and evolve, and how organizations must create data strategies that drive business opportunities and infra- structure to fully support those efforts. 
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