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The Complete Guide to Developer Secure Coding Education

The Complete Guide to Developer Secure Coding Education

According to SANS, businesses see developer training as the most useful AppSec process, even ahead of vulnerability scanning. Unfortunately, despite organization’s wide adoption of various developer secure education programs and methods, the skill gap is still more like an abyss.This guide aims to bridge the gap between an organization’s need for secure code and a software engineer’s lack of training adoption. It will walk you through everything you need to know in order to ensure your software engineers get the most effective SCE - the kind they will actually use.

Content topics are:

  • Understanding the Developer's Perspective
  • Deciphering Developer Secure Coding Education
  • Gamification
  • Contextual Learning

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Publicatie datum: 22-10-2019
Bestandstype: pdf
Document: E-book
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