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How Artificial Intelligence Helps Achieve the Best Cyber Threat Prevention Rates

How Artificial Intelligence Helps Achieve the Best Cyber Threat Prevention Rates
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This paper explains how Check Point actively prevents today’s sophisticated Fifth Generation cyber attacks by leveraging artificial intelligence in its security solutions.Why Artificial Intelligence Is So Important in Cybersecurity. 
Traditional security solutions are based on a single detection engine, or a combination of several engines that are built on logic that uses signatures and rules-based analysis. While these methods are important for fast detection of many known threats – as well as some unknown ones – they are limited in scale and capability.The velocity of malware evolution, an increasing number of devices and technologies that need protection, and a huge amount of data to process all combine to make it impossible for human-created models to give comprehensive,up-to-date protection. Therefore, relying solely on traditional detection engines leaves organizations exposed to incredibly damaging attacks.Check Point overcomes this challenge by incorporating artificial intelligence intoits unified, multi-layered security architecture. By doing so, the company provides an ever-improving, intelligent system that doesn’t just detect, but actively preventscomplex, sophisticated attacks.
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Publicatie datum: 01-11-2019
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Document: Whitepaper
Taal: EN
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